argan oil from morocco

Argan Oil from Morocco

Argan Oil from Morocco Red or Liquid gold from Morocco

Argan oil has been used by Amazigh people in North Africa for centuries. In The South-West region of Morocco where the tree grows wild 90% of the economy of the region owes to the Argan tree, the labor is carried by women harvesting the fruit, bringing valuable income for themselves and the community.

Argan oil is known as liquid gold due to its expensive price. Considered as Moroccan Heritage keeping and honoring the same traditional method for years that has been passed from ancestors.

To obtain one liter of Argan oil you need about 40 kg of fruit and about 20 kg of the nuts.

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The Process of Making Argan Oil in Morocco:

  1. Once the fruit of Argan oil arrives to maturity which changes the color from green to brown, it will be collected by women working in the field and that is the first step of the production. The fruit can’t be picked directly from the tree, and needs to be dropped by itself to the floor.
  2. Once fruit is collected, they will be sun-dried.
  3. Once dried the seeds will then be peeled and de-pulp by hand to remove the outside layers to reveal the nut one by one using the traditional method. The left-over pulp removed from the fruit is sold as animal feed for goats.
  4. In this step the Argan nut will be cracked to retrieve the oil-rich kernel inside. This step of cracking the Argan nut is considered the most difficult one, not everyone will master the technique and that is to keep the structure of the nut and not grind it.
  5. Grinding will be done by hand.


    Argan Oil- moroccan oil treatment

    The grinding step is developed now and can be done by a modern processing facility which makes the process faster specially for big orders. The machine will take 5 min to grind one to two liters compared to 2 hours for the same amount of Argan oil when it’s done by hand.

    organic argan oil from morocco 

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    Argan oil is rich in fatty acids and vitamin E essential for the skin but also great for the Scalp, the antioxidants in vitamin E will nourish the scalp, help repair the hair follicles, promote hair growth, and reduce oxidative stress in the scalp.


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