moroccan black soap

How to Use Moroccan Black Soap

Moroccan Black Soap or Beldi Soap from Morocco, indispensable natural skin care routine for Moroccan Women, used in their Hammam Rituals to help them prepare their skin for the best exfoliation.

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    how to use moroccan black soap


    How To use Moroccan Black Soap:

    1. In a hot bath or shower, take some of the Moroccan Black soap in your hands, generating very little foam. Use just what you need.
    2. Apply the soap on a warm wet skin, massage the soap evenly on all your body.
    3. Leave the soap on your skin for approximately 5 minutes to soften your skin.
    4. Rinse the soap COMPLETELY from your skin, dead skin cells can’t be removed if the soap is left on your skin. Use our Arganier Noir Kessa Glove or your loofah to exfoliate.
    5. Wet your Arganier Noir kessa glove or your Loofah with water, squeeze it to take off the excess water from it.
    6. Exfoliate with little pressure in a circular motion, upward and descending strokes until you see dead skin cells roll away.
    7. Wash your body with your regular body wash, moisturize your skin.
    8. On skin slightly damp apply your moisturizing oil or our Argan Oil. Leave your skin soft and radiant. 

     For external use only. Do not exfoliate if you have cuts, burns, or damage skin.

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