How to use Aker Fassi Clay Pot

How to use Aker Fassi Clay Pot

Aker Fassi terracotta pot has become increasingly popular in recent years. Made in Morocco with unglazed clay as base, covered with poppy petals and pomegranate, it provides beautiful and natural-looking flush for both lips and cheeks, it's no wonder that so many people have added this lip tint to their beauty routine.

Long lasting color and buildable, you can achieve a subtle or bold red look, depending on how much tint you apply. Unlike traditional makeup that can wear off through the day, aker fassi lip pot is designed to last for hours, even after eating or washing your face, you will still have rosy lips. 

How to use Aker Fassi lip pot to make it last longer.

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Aker Fassi terracotta pot can last up to 12 months if you use it the right way. 

  • 1. Wet lightly your lip brush with water (You can either use water or oil to apply the lip stain).

We suggest that you try both applications, Lip brush/your finger and see what application is convenient to you. 

Aker Fassi Lip pot


  • 2. Rub you brush/ Finger on top of the terra-cotta.

How to use aker fassi pot

Tip: To keep your pot clean, avoid rubbing the brush on different spots and instead try to always go in circular motion until no more color comes off in that direction. 

3.  Apply the Lip stain. The color is buildable.

Moroccan Berber Lipstick


What not to do with your lip pot: Do not spray, drop or put your pot in direct contact with the water, you will lose all the aker fassi pigment from the terracotta and your pot will not last for a long time.

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