Moroccan hammam

The Moroccan Hammam

The public Moroccan Hammam is considered by many Moroccans as a very satisfying ritual to get cleaned and relaxed. Even though they are open all week, many Moroccan families opt to go during the weekend so they can take their young kids with them.

The public hammam has 2 separate entrances, one for women and the other one for men. Tickets are sold at the door, which you then hand over to a person inside who is responsible for the safety of your belongings for a fee. Traditionally the bag where you have your clothes is called “REZMA”. 

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Moroccan Hammam- Moroccan Black Soap- Exfoliation


The Best time to go to the Hammam is early in the morning, otherwise it will be crowded and you will have to make a line for kessal/kessala to scrub your body.

Kessal (for men)/Kessala (for women) are the people who work in the hammam who scrub your body with a kessa glove. They are paid a base salary but the majority of their income is from tips that they receive from the customer at the end of the hammam. These tips start at 50 dirhams (approximately $5) but in some cases can be much higher.

In order to get the most out of the hamman, Moroccan Black Soap is a must to take with you, the whole idea of the hammam is to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, people will choose meticulously the Kessa Glove (Loofah) to get the best exfoliation, is the ultimate satisfaction, women will take also all sort of natural mix of mask, Henna, Lemon, Clay.



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I was in Marrakesh and i tried the Hammam the best feeling and experience :)


Interesting 😊


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