Moroccan Wedding Rituals

Moroccan Bridal Rituals

Day 1: Hammam Day

On the first day the bride goes to the hammam with her friends takes with her all the Moroccan beauty secrets routine from deep exfoliation with the Moroccan Black Soap to washing her hair with the Ghassoul Clay for clean shiny hair, ending with soaking her skin in the henna with lemon for a fresh tanned skin.

She will go back home wearing a traditional white djellaba made specially for that day and Beautiful Belgha (Babouche). Once home they will cover her head and face with a beautiful Dentelle. Only her closest friends and family are waiting for her at home, they will sing and party in the morning.

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Day 2: The Henna Day

Today is the day before the big party. The bride will have a small party at her parents’ home. Traditionally she will be wearing a typical green henna kaftan brought to her by the Negaffa (Stylist that dresses the bride with the kaftan & jewelry).  This day the bride will sit for long hours to have henna on her hands and feet, there will be food and music. Mostly organized during the day and ending early so the bride can rest for the next big day.

Day 3: The Big Party

Today is the big party. The family will rent a big space; the bride will wear up to 5 different outfits. Dressed by the same negaffa that took care of her during the henna. She will either choose the outfits from the negaffa, which will save her some money, or make her own kaftans.  The negafa and the bride will coordinate in advance the jewelry that she wants to wear with each kaftan. 

Most of the time the bride will enter wearing a white kaftan carried on the Amaria (an elegant, roofed platform carried by 4 gentlemen wearing traditional outfit and 4 women in the back singing). The bride and the groom will dance, take pictures with their friends and family.

The Bride will also receive all her gifts this day, nicely packed in a few plates we call it in Morocco (Dfouaa) will be fabrics, Jewelries, Bags, Shoes, Night Gowns, Kaftans and much more..

The Second Kaftan of the evening will be for the dinner. During this time the bride will go around the tables to welcome the guest, have dinner, and dance.

The third dress of the evening is a very traditional outfit that we call Labssa Lfassia, a heavy outfit with big pieces of jewelry. If the bride is Berber, she will go for a traditional Berber outfit. If she is from the North, they have their own traditional outfit.

At the end of the party the bride will choose between a kaftan or white dress to cut the cake.

Moroccan weddings usually start at 8:00pm and end around 6:00am. Before leaving the guests will have harira (a traditional Moroccan soup made with chickpeas for breakfast).

Day 4: The breakfast

On this day the couple will go to the groom's parents' house for breakfast. Usually just very close family members and the parents are there, they will exchange gifts.

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